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About Us

Master craftsman Paul Bange founded Paul Bange Roofing, Inc. over 30 years ago. He has a passion for building and a vision shaped by by the belief that everyone deserves to live and work in the safest structure possible. Paul recognized that a solid, sound roof is critical to a structures integrity, and he and his family set out to provide the highest quality workmanship in the roofing business today. Paul still proudly applies those same principles three decades and thousand of roofing jobs later. In addition, to further expand on Paul’s vision, Paul Bange Roofing owns and operates all of their own equipment.

Our solid reputation in the community has been built on the quality of our services, and our competitive pricing. We guarantee that your roofing job will exceed your expectations.

paul bange
Paul Understands That Roof Related Problems at Your Business Can Be Serious

They can cost you loss of inventory, equipment, man-hours, customers, and profits. The commercial and industrial roofing programs of Paul Bange Roofing are designed to protect you and your business.

Master Roofing Craftsman at the Ready

Paul Bange began his company with a passion for roofing and believed every home and office deserves to have a solid roof. He believed in protecting your family and employees by providing professional roofing services all over South Florida. Whether you need simple repairs, regular maintenance, or a completely new roof, Paul Bange Roofing is the team to call for all your roofing needs. We provide commercial and residential roofing services to serve the South Florida community best when they need strong and resilient roofing solutions. Give us a call today, and we will get started with your roofing needs today.

All of Our Dedicated Paul Bange Roofing Professionals Promise to Work Hard for You, Your Home and Your Business

  • P aul Bange Roofing will provide you with the highest quality roofing. We use only the finest materials on the market today.
  • L ife is full of unknowns; your roof shouldn’t be one of them.
  • E very job is important, and your roof is as critical to us as it is to you.
  • D illgence and quality set us apart.
  • G etting your job done right is our top priority.
  • E xpert service you can count on.

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